Title Insurance

Title Insurance

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Selling your home is an exciting, demanding, and often costly process, which is why so many homeowners in Wesley Chapel, Florida have made the decision to decline the services of a real estate agent and complete the process as For Sale By Owner. If you can successfully sell your home yourself, then you retain the profit margin that would have gone to an agent. Of course, the For Sale By Owner process is complex, which is why it’s essential that you seek the help of an experienced attorney to handle your title obligations during your real estate closing.

What Is a Title?

When you purchased your Wesley Chapel home, whether it was six months or six years ago, you purchased the rights to your home’s title. The title is the legal statement of ownership that gives you full rights to use your property for your own purposes, including making modifications and transferring ownership to others. It is essential that you have a clear title to your home, meaning that the title is not blocked or defective due to past ownership claims, liens, or other complications. If your title is defective, it will significantly complicate your ability for resale.

Purchasing Title Insurance to Sell Your Wesley Chapel Home

As you work to sell your home without a real estate agent, you will need to carefully prepare for every component of the closing process. This includes purchasing a title insurance policy for the buyers of your property. By supplying this Owner’s Policy of title insurance, you guarantee that your buyer is “free and clear” to purchase your property without any risk of a defective title.
If an unexpected problem arises that shows your home title has undisclosed heirs, forgery, mistakes in examining records, or errors in the deed, title insurance will protect the buyer. Providing this peace of mind is an integral component to any For Sale By Owner transaction.

Get the Best Help With Your Title

Given the vital nature of passing a clear title along to the buyers of your home, you want to utilize the best legal services possible. North Tampa Law Group serves Wesley Chapel, Florida and beyond with superior title services. Our highly trained staff and real estate attorneys work to provide you total peace of mind from contract to closing of your real estate sale. You will also benefit from having a team of professionals capable of providing prompt answers to all of your questions. North Tampa Law Group is here to give you the personalized support you need while you sell your Wesley Chapel home.

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