Estate Planning

Estate Planning

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Making plans is a basic part of life, especially when it comes to your estate plan. Though most people imagine estates as enormous and glamorous homes that only the rich and famous leave behind to their families, every adult in Wesley Chapel actually has some type of estate. An estate is comprised of everything you own, like your car, home, bank accounts, investments, insurance policies, and personal possessions. An estate plan establishes exactly how all of your assets and most important belongings should be handled after your incapacitation or death. It ensures that your wishes can be carried out to your exact specifications.

Overall, an estate plan is a combination of different documents that create a cohesive understanding of how your estate should be managed after your passing. The documents include a living will, last will and testament, health care surrogate designation, power of attorney, and more. The team at North Tampa Law Group is committed to helping residents of Wesley Chapel, Florida create their estate plans and ensure that their families are protected in the future.

Living Will

A living will outlines your specific requests for end-of-life and emergency care. If you become so sick or injured that you are unable to communicate your desires in the middle of a medical crisis, your living will provides all important information. This minimizes conflicts among your family members as they make decisions about your care. A living will gives you a voice, even when you can’t use your own.

Last Will and Testament

While a living will handles your wishes while you are still alive, a last will and testament articulates exactly what you want to happen after your death. It gives you direct control over your assets and the future of your entire estate. From establishing payment frequency to beneficiaries to protecting your most important belongings, your last will and testament makes all sorts of arrangements possible. During your consultation with our Wesley Chapel estate planning attorney, we will help you arrange the simple and assured transfer of assets to your loved ones after your death.

Health Care Surrogate Designation

A health care surrogate is the person empowered to make decisions on your behalf if you ever become incapacitated. This person will honor the wishes of your living will and make all decisions in the best interests of your desires. Since your health care surrogate will have direct control over your health, wellbeing, and future, it is essential that you work with an attorney to select the right individual.

Power of Attorney

While a health care surrogate only handles your health care priorities when you become incapacitated, a power of attorney is tasked with managing all of your affairs if you ever become unable to do so. Selecting the right agent as your power of attorney is a major decision best made with the support of an experienced estate planning attorney. When you work with a lawyer at North Tampa Law Group, you will have all the support you need differentiating between and selecting a non-durable, durable, or springing power of attorney who you can trust to act in your best interests.

Call (813) 518-7411 now to schedule a consultation and explore your estate planning options. The legal team at North Tampa Law Group is committed to helping residents of Wesley Chapel plan efficiently for their futures.

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