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Uncontested Divorce in Wesley Chapel The divorce process is notorious for its hostilities and complications, but it is possible to undergo an uncontested divorce when both spouses can agree upon the most important implications of their divorce. As long as the marriage itself meets specific requirements and the husband and wife can agree upon all important matters, the divorce process is much simpler.

Requirements For an Uncontested Divorce

In order to qualify for an uncontested divorce, a couple must agree that irreconcilable differences have made the marriage irretrievably broken. At least one spouse must be a Florida resident for six months before filing for divorce, and both parents must attend a parenting class and agree to a Parenting Plan if children are involved. A couple completing an uncontested divorce must also agree on the amount and length of spousal support, the division of assets and debts, and the management of the marital house. In short, the divorcing couple must arrange and agree upon everything a judge would normally handle in a contested divorce.

Why Hire a Lawyer? Though Florida law does not require an attorney to provide support during a divorce, having an experienced divorce attorney and legal team is strongly advised. First and foremost, a divorce attorney provides the peace of mind that all documents are legally enforceable, handled in an expedited manner, and completed in a financially responsible way. A divorce attorney can also provide critically important help and support to ensure that all agreements made protect his client’s best interests. This includes identifying issues with tax liabilities, credits for mortgage payments, homestead exemption transfers, and other issues known to cost time and money.

Other Important Uncontested Divorce Concerns

At North Tampa Law Group, we understand that you don’t need extra financial stress in the midst of an already emotional divorce. That is why we offer affordable and flat rate uncontested divorce services for every budget. Uncontested divorce documents are available for only $300, while the full rate for uncontested divorce services begins at $1,000. If two spouses cannot agree on important questions such as “Who is entitled to alimony?” and “How one spouse’s inheritance be handled?” then uncontested divorce may not be the right option. A contested divorce is used in this case to place decision making in the hands of a judge.

The Tampa divorce attorneys at North Tampa Law Group are dedicated to helping couples in Wesley Chapel, Florida and beyond complete the divorce process as quickly, efficiently, and amicably as possible.

We understand that divorce is often an exceedingly difficult time, so we approach every divorce case with the empathy and attention it deserves. Call (813) 518-7411 today to request a consultation and learn more.