Divorce in Wesley Chapel

Nobody enters into a marriage expecting it to end in divorce, but it’s a reality for many couples nonetheless. Navigating the complexities of a divorce can be made easier and less stressful with the help of a Wesley Chapel Divorce Attorney from North Tampa Law Group. Attorney Brian Arrighi specializes in helping men and women through contested and uncontested divorces with compassion and close attention to every legal detail.

Selecting Contested or Uncontested Divorce

Divorce can occur in one of two ways in Wesley Chapel, Florida. In a contested divorce, a court case is heard in front of a judge to make all of the decisions upon which the divorcing couple cannot agree. In an uncontested divorce, the husband and wife are able to agree on all important factors like alimony, assets, and child custody, which allows them to settle the matter without a judge. Both contested and uncontested divorces can be resolved more efficiently with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer from North Tampa Law Group. Our goal is to protect your interests while doing everything possible to preserve your marital estate. If an amicable resolution in a Florida uncontested divorce is not possible, then our contested divorce litigators are ready to assist.

Considering P-E-A-C-E In a Contested Divorce

In every contested divorce, the Court addresses five main issues using the acronym “PEACE”: parenting, equitable distribution, alimony, child support, and everything else. Parenting only applies if a husband and wife have children together. Each parent’s future childcare responsibilities must be resolved using a Parenting Plan. All issues are based on the best interests of the children. If one spouse has serious and legitimate concerns about the other spouse caring for their children, it is essential to use an attorney to navigate such a sensitive and crucial issue. Equitable distribution involves the division of all marital assets and liabilities like checking and savings accounts, the marital home, retirement accounts, 401(k) accounts, automobiles, household items, and debt. Equitable distribution does not mean that everything is split evenly down the middle. Instead, the divorce trial will determine which assets and debts should be assigned to each spouse given the specific and unique circumstances. Alimony is another complex issue involved in divorce. Spousal support is awarded from one spouse to the other based on who needs financial support and who can provide it. The Court does not use a predictable formula to calculate alimony, unfortunately. The decision is based on a number of favors including the standard of established living during the marriage, length of marriage, financial resources and earning potential of each spouse, and more. The decision made regarding alimony influences any potential child support. In Florida, child support guidelines are founded on how much custody each parent has been granted, the income of each parent, the costs incurring by raising the child, and other factors.

Relying on the Best Legal Team

The divorce attorneys at North Tampa Law Group are dedicated to helping couples in Wesley Chapel, Florida and beyond complete the divorce process as quickly, efficiently, and amicably as possible.

We understand that divorce is often an exceedingly difficult time, so we approach every divorce case with the empathy and attention it deserves. Call (813) 518-7411 today to request a consultation and learn more.