Child Support and Alimony: What Do You Need to Know after a Divorce?

If you’re currently working your way through a divorce, remaining informed is one of the best ways to understand the many different legal documents and decisions coming your way. In particular, you don’t want to be caught off-guard by Florida’s child support and alimony procedures. Here are the most important facts that you should know. […]

The Difference Between a Contested and Uncontested Divorce

When you make the extremely difficult decision to end your marriage, you can’t simply part ways from your spouse and begin living separate lives. Instead, you must endure the legal processes require for your divorce to be recognized by the state of Florida. Part of this process requires you to determine whether your divorce will […]

How To Keep You Home As Bankruptcy Looms

You worked for years to finally call yourself a homeowner, only to have your finances unexpectedly collapse. If you find yourself facing the devastating consequence of bankruptcy as a result, it is essential for you to understand the options available to save your most important investment: your home. It is actually possible to declare bankruptcy […]

Title Insurance: Why Should It Matter to You?

You don’t need to be reminded about the importance of car insurance, health insurance, and life insurance as methods to keep you and your loved ones financially protected in the case of an emergency. However, you may need to be reminded about the importance of title insurance as you prepare to purchase your new home. […]

Estate Planning Mistakes You Never Want to Make

Just like growing gray hairs and developing wrinkles, writing an estate plan is a necessary but often dreaded component of growing older. Your estate plan can be defined as a plan for the management of your assets during and after your life, especially in relation to your loved ones. You don’t want to procrastinate on […]

How Long Will You Need to Pay Alimony? And Other Important Questions about Divorce

If you’re currently going through a divorce, the heavy and stressful emotions may not be the only things plaguing you. In addition to establishing a new family dynamic and adjusting to life without your spouse, divorce also involves a number of financial considerations. How Is Alimony Determined? Sometimes known as spousal support, alimony is a […]

What Will a Short Sale Mean for You at Tax Time?

The process of selling a home isn’t always easy, and many homeowners find themselves forced to complete a short sale in order to avoid foreclosure. Though a short sale can prevent serious financial consequences, it also carries tax implications that every home seller should understand. What is a Short Sale? A short sale occurs when […]

Estate Planning Isn’t Just for Older Adults

Though many adults don’t consider estate planning an important priority until they are nearing retirement, the truth is that estate planning should actually begin at the start of adulthood. Considering that estate planning encompasses all of the plans that keep you and your loved ones protected and supported in unexpected situations, it only makes sense […]

Is Declaring Bankruptcy the Right Move for You?

Bankruptcy can often feel like the other “b word”. It conjures images of financial ruin, debt collectors, and extreme loss, but the truth is that bankruptcy can serve as an effective solution for people in certain financial situations. If your finances are in ruins and you’re not sure where to turn, speak to an attorney […]

How to Write Your Estate Plan if You Don’t Have Children

Since your estate plan is the document that determines exactly how all of your assets and belongings are passed down after your death, it is a natural instinct to list your children and spouse as your beneficiaries. However, many people find themselves in the position of having no surviving spouse or children, which makes the […]