Do I Need An Estate Plan When I Don’t Own An Estate?

While many people believe they do not own an estate, it’s actually quite the opposite. From owning a home and car to having a bank account or other personal possessions, practically everyone has an estate. Therefore, it’s important to make estate planning a priority, ensuring your affairs will be handled properly upon your death or […]

What can my Estate Planning Attorney help me with?

During the estate planning process, an estate attorney Tampa professional can assist with the federal and state laws that have an impact on your estate. They have a thorough understanding of these laws and can give you the guidance that you need to make wise decisions about how your estate should be handled after you […]

What If An Uncontested Divorce Becomes Contested

With the advent of no-fault divorce in this country, we now have the phenomenon of the “uncontested divorce”, which basically means that both parties have resolved any issues they might have and all they have to do is finish the legal act of ending the marriage. If that remains this way, everything is fine and […]

Tips for Florida Homeowners Considering Selling Home for Sale by Owner

A recent study has shown that most homeowners are considering selling their homes themselves instead of involving real estate agents. This is mostly due to the exuberant percentages demanded by real estate agents nowadays. Unlike other parts of the country, the number of homeowners aspiring to sell their properties in South Florida is on the […]

Should I Consider A Short Sale To Avoid Foreclosure?

When buying a home, the last thing you expect is to face foreclosure. Not only is this extremely stressful, but it can severely impact your credit rating and bank account. Rather than put yourself through this long process, it may be better to consider a short sale. What is a Short Sale? According to Tampa […]

How to Avoid Probate Court

Probate is effectively a six-month time period following a death that allows all creditors to come forth and submit claims against the estate, but many probate processes also get extended for months and even years. However, there are some financial instruments and legal steps available to asset holders that can be used as tools to […]

Is Uncontested Divorce Right for Me?

The concept of divorce is stressful enough. Then you have to think about how you’re going to go about proceeding with it. You might be wondering about a Florida uncontested divorce and whether it’s the right move for you to make. Here’s a little information on that matter. What Is an Uncontested Divorce? A Florida […]

Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer to Negotiate a Short Sale?

There are unfortunate times when a homeowner must sell their home due to a variety of circumstances. In the event that this occurs, a homeowner may consider the idea of a short sale in an effort to avoid serious measures that may be taken to remove them from the home. While there are a number […]

Child Support and Alimony: What Do You Need to Know after a Divorce?

If you’re currently working your way through a divorce, remaining informed is one of the best ways to understand the many different legal documents and decisions coming your way. In particular, you don’t want to be caught off-guard by Florida’s child support and alimony procedures. Here are the most important facts that you should know. […]

The Difference Between a Contested and Uncontested Divorce

When you make the extremely difficult decision to end your marriage, you can’t simply part ways from your spouse and begin living separate lives. Instead, you must endure the legal processes require for your divorce to be recognized by the state of Florida. Part of this process requires you to determine whether your divorce will […]