NonDischargeable Debts

Filing for bankruptcy is not easy as gaining control of your finances in this day and age is quite a struggle. Filing for bankruptcy gets most debts discharged so that you may have a fresh start.

Child support, past due alimony, debts for many guaranteed educational loans or government funded or benefit over-payments come under debts that cannot be cleared by bankruptcy. Such debts fall under non-dischargeable debts. Other types of debt that fall under non-dischargeable debts are those arising from personal injury or death caused by an intoxicated driver or a driver under the influence of drugs, debt acquired through deceitful conduct and fine or restitution included in a judgment on the debtor’s conviction of a crime.

Non Dischargeable Debts under Chapters 7 & 13

Under Chapter 7, as soon as the bankruptcy discharge is received you are responsible for paying the non-dischargeable debt. Under Chapter 13, these debts are to be settled in full. If left unsettled, the balance remains till the end and you have to  carry on paying the secured debts (with the intention of keeping a secured property). As part of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan non-dischargeable debts can be paid.

As part of the Florida bankruptcy law the following debts cannot be settled under Chapter 7 or 13:


Certain debts are declared non-dischargeable under Chapter 7 in case the creditor contests the bankruptcy discharge claim:


Grounds for Denial of Discharge –Chapter 7 Scenarios

To receive a discharge, there are certain provisions under the bankruptcy code that you must abide. Section 727(a) lists reasons for court denial. If the court denies a Chapter 7 discharge, no debts shall be discharged including the ones that were considered dischargeable. Denial may be issued by the court in case of the following circumstances:


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