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Dissolution of Marriage

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There are many misunderstandings for what is required to qualify for an uncontested Florida dissolution of marriage.  Obviously, both the Husband and the Wife must want a divorce.  Besides both Husband and Wife wanting an uncontested divorce, the following factors must be met:


Both spouses must agree on all issues regarding the divorce.  Although a simple divorce requires both parties to be present, only one spouse must be physically present for a Florida uncontested divorce.  Only on spouse must attend the required hearing.  If the non-filing spouse does not want to attend the hearing, he or she can file a waiver of appearance.


There is no law requiring you to retain a divorce lawyer to get a divorce – whether it is uncontested or not.  However, having an experienced divorce attorney and legal team is strongly advised.  Besides the convenience, comfort of knowing your documents are legally enforceable, and expedited manner in which we can obtain your divorce, our divorce attorneys most often save you more money in your Marital Settlement Agreement than you pay in our fees.  We identify issues with tax liabilities, credits and set-offs for mortgage payments, homestead exemption transfers, and other issues which could cost you or save you a lot of money over time.  A divorce attorney can discuss all of your rights and options that are available to you during a dissolution of marriage.  Before discussing a divorce settlement with your spouse, have answers to the following potential scenarios:


Another beneificial factor to have a divorce attorney handle your uncontested divorce is being assured that the proper language and terms are included in your Marital Settlement Agreement.  Is the language you drafted for yourself enforceable?  What happens if one spouse does not follow through with terms?  Also, a divorce attorney can handle the Florida dissolution of marriage process for you much faster.  At North Tampa Law Group, our divorce staff will file the case for you and schedule the matter for the first available hearing date.  We make sure all of the required documents are completed correctly so there are no surprises at your final hearing.


At North Tampa Law Group, we have a plan for every budget.  The uncontested divorce is a flat fee.  We offer different plans based on your needs.  Uncontested divorce documents start as low as $300.00.  The rates for a full uncontested divorce start at $1,000.00.  Full uncontested rates include discussing your options, drafting the documentation, notarizing our client’s forms (your spouse must obtain own notary), filing the forms with the Clerk of Court, scheduling your final hearing and a divorce attorney attending the final hearing.  The above starting rates do not include the clerk’s filing fee of $408.00.  However, if you feel you qualify for indigent status, we can attempt to have your filing fee waived or reduced.


If there is not a full agreement on all issues, then you are not ready for an uncontested divorce.  If there is any dispute, you and your spouse can pursue other legal remedies.  Before filing for a contested divorce, consider pursuing mediation or collaborative law divorce.  At North Tampa Law Group, our goal is to protect your interests while doing everything possible to preserve your marital estate.  If an amicable resolution in Florida dissolution of marriage is not possible, then our divorce litigators are ready to assist.

If you are considering an uncontested divorce, speak with our Florida uncontested divorce attorneys.  Learn your rights before signing any dissolution of marriage documents.  To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (813) 518-7411 or e-mail us.

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