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Florida Annulment is difficult to achieve. The similarity between divorces and annulments lies in the fact that they both make a decision with regards to marital status. However there is a significant difference in the two concepts. While divorce essentially puts an end to a legally existing marriage, annulment only states that the marriage in question, as seen by everyone, never really existed in the eyes of the law.

The state of Florida has laws which do not directly address the concept of annulment. But the higher level courts in Florida have formulated binding laws with regards to annulment, also termed as “precedent”. These rules together make the ‘Annulment law’ in Florida. However it is still complicated and uncommon to opt for an annulment in the state.

Basis for Annulment in Florida

There are a number of reasons or “grounds” identified by the higher courts in Florida that can lead to an annulment of marriage. It is vital to understand that a clear distinction is made by the Florida Annulment Law between “void” and “voidable” marriages. The former refers to those marriages which were considered null in the first place and the latter refers to the marriages were not necessarily null at the start.
It is possible for both types of marriages to be annulled. But the annulment of all void marriages is possible, the same does not hold true for all voidable marriages. Also, a void marriage cannot be legalized or reformed even if desperately wanted by the couple.
Some of the grounds for marriage annulment in Florida are stated below:

Filing for an official annulment of a voidable marriage requires a court order. The papers need to be filed in the circuit courts in Florida. The Family Law in Florida governs the annulment procedure.

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