Divorce Mediation in Florida

Divorce is a traumatic time for all parties involved, and mediation is one of the ways to deal with a divorce. You don’t have to be involved in a long-drawn affair which is going to sap all your energies. Divorce mediation services are aplenty in Tampa Florida region and it is quite easy to approach one.

You could opt for mediation services before you retain an attorney or file any documents and this helps you save on time and money. The procedure is called a pre-suit (before filing a lawsuit), or pro-se (sans lawyers) mediation. If you go to an attorney, he or she can still refer you to a mediation service. If you go to court and do your paperwork entirely by yourself, the court will also allocate a mediation service to help you resolve issues.

Divorce mediation is neutral and helps the couple communicate and prepare an agenda for a post-divorce life. Mediation procedure will lead up to a comprehensive marital settlement agreement or MSA, which will be the couple’s guiding force post-divorce. The MSA will be presented to the court during the final judgment session that dissolves your marriage.

The topics that are discussed and included in the MSA are as follows:


You will most probably see success with a mediation service for a divorce if:

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