Estate Planning Mistakes You Never Want to Make

Just like growing gray hairs and developing wrinkles, writing an estate plan is a necessary but often dreaded component of growing older. Your estate plan can be defined as a plan for the management of your assets during and after your life, especially in relation to your loved ones. You don’t want to procrastinate on […]

Estate Planning Isn’t Just for Older Adults

Though many adults don’t consider estate planning an important priority until they are nearing retirement, the truth is that estate planning should actually begin at the start of adulthood. Considering that estate planning encompasses all of the plans that keep you and your loved ones protected and supported in unexpected situations, it only makes sense […]

How to Write Your Estate Plan if You Don’t Have Children

Since your estate plan is the document that determines exactly how all of your assets and belongings are passed down after your death, it is a natural instinct to list your children and spouse as your beneficiaries. However, many people find themselves in the position of having no surviving spouse or children, which makes the […]

Don’t Forget These Components When Creating Your Estate Plan

You can’t predict many things in life, but you can at least predict that you won’t live forever. When the time comes, it’s critical to have developed a way to pass your life’s accomplishments down to the people you love. An estate plan is the most efficient way to ensure that everything you own is […]

Put Estate Planning at the Top of Your To Do List

There’s no doubt about it, you have been working extremely hard your entire life to build financial security and establish investments and assets that make you proud. But eventually your time on Earth will be done, and you can’t take anything with you when you leave. This is why estate planning is so important: with […]