How To Keep You Home As Bankruptcy Looms

You worked for years to finally call yourself a homeowner, only to have your finances unexpectedly collapse. If you find yourself facing the devastating consequence of bankruptcy as a result, it is essential for you to understand the options available to save your most important investment: your home. It is actually possible to declare bankruptcy […]

Is Declaring Bankruptcy the Right Move for You?

Bankruptcy can often feel like the other “b word”. It conjures images of financial ruin, debt collectors, and extreme loss, but the truth is that bankruptcy can serve as an effective solution for people in certain financial situations. If your finances are in ruins and you’re not sure where to turn, speak to an attorney […]

Payless and HHGregg Among Retailers Considering Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is commonly misunderstood as nothing more than a last and final resort when an individual or family simply cannot afford to pay the financial obligations that have accrued over the years. While this is certainly the case in some situations, businesses can also leverage bankruptcy to restructure debt and avoid going out of business. […]