Legal Separation in Florida

Many couples choose to explore the option of a legal separation in cases where they want to live apart, yet remain married. Religious, financial, and other reasons motivate some couples to avoid divorce, and legal separation stands out as a viable alternative. Although Florida is one of only a few states which does not legislate […]

Florida Uncontested Divorce

Many times a couple may assume that their divorce proceedings will become a long drawn out expensive procedure that they cannot afford. However, sometimes a divorce can be relatively simple in certain situations. Especially, when both spouses are agreeing to an Florida Uncontested Divorce in the state of Florida. These divorce procedures are usually simple, […]

Child Support Enforcement in Tampa, Florida

If you reside in the city of Tampa, Florida and are not receiving your court ordered child support from your child’s other parent (or payee), there are steps you can take to be sure that the support order is enforced. Choosing to get help enforcing your child’s support isn’t an act of selfishness, greed, or […]

How to Fight Foreclosure in Florida

If you are facing foreclosure in Florida, then you have to act fast. Luckily, you can fight foreclosure in Florida unlike some other areas. However, you have to know how to fight it in order to actually win the case. In Florida, a foreclosure must be filed against the homeowner. If you want to fight a foreclosure, you […]

Dividing Assets in a Florida Divorce

It is important to have a Florida divorce attorney who understands the ins and outs of a high-net worth divorce.  It is easy to divide by two.  However, if you have a high-net worth divorce, your divorce attorney needs to understand the tax implications involved with your assets.  Tampa divorce attorneys, Brian Arrighi and Laurel […]

What to Do When Served With Florida Divorce Papers

With the New Year and many Tampa and Wesley Chapel families receiving their tax refund, many Wesley Chapel divorce attorneys are preparing for the seasonal rush of divorce clients.   Without fail, in March and April every year our family law practice receives a surge of requests for free divorce consultations.  If your spouse files for […]