Is Declaring Bankruptcy the Right Move for You?

Bankruptcy can often feel like the other “b word”. It conjures images of financial ruin, debt collectors, and extreme loss, but the truth is that bankruptcy can serve as an effective solution for people in certain financial situations. If your finances are in ruins and you’re not sure where to turn, speak to an attorney […]

How to Write Your Estate Plan if You Don’t Have Children

Since your estate plan is the document that determines exactly how all of your assets and belongings are passed down after your death, it is a natural instinct to list your children and spouse as your beneficiaries. However, many people find themselves in the position of having no surviving spouse or children, which makes the […]

Do You Really Need Title Insurance? Yes, You Do!

Obtaining insurance on your most valuable possessions is an important responsibility that comes with adulthood. From your health and your car to your home and even your life, insurance makes it possible to endure hardships without severe financial ramifications. There is another type of insurance, title insurance, that you also need to obtain if you […]

Don’t Forget These Components When Creating Your Estate Plan

You can’t predict many things in life, but you can at least predict that you won’t live forever. When the time comes, it’s critical to have developed a way to pass your life’s accomplishments down to the people you love. An estate plan is the most efficient way to ensure that everything you own is […]

The Differences between Contested and Uncontested Divorce in Florida

The emotional ramifications of divorce are often challenging enough, and the legal implications of a divorce can make the head spin. If you are heading down the path of a divorce, it is important to understand how Florida law classifies and handles contested or uncontested divorce situations. Uncontested Divorce: The “Simple” Way Also called a […]

Your Guide to Obtaining a Domestic Violence Injunction

Nobody deserves to live under the threat of violence, but it is nonetheless a reality for many residents of Florida. If you have personally become a victim of domestic abuse, such as physical battery, sexual battery, stalking, or assault, you have the right to ask the court for legal protection. Florida law first provides a […]

Payless and HHGregg Among Retailers Considering Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is commonly misunderstood as nothing more than a last and final resort when an individual or family simply cannot afford to pay the financial obligations that have accrued over the years. While this is certainly the case in some situations, businesses can also leverage bankruptcy to restructure debt and avoid going out of business. […]

Are Mississippi’s Divorce Laws Keeping Victims Trapped?

Divorce is a painful and emotional process to begin with, but the legal complexities involved in actually completing a divorce can be worse than anything else. This is especially true in Mississippi, where many feel that antiquated divorce laws are keeping spouses trapped in toxic marriages without a way out. In fact, the state’s divorce […]

Is Debt Settlement Your Best Option?

If you are deeply in debt, you may have no idea where to turn. Perhaps you have contemplated the idea of simply giving up and letting time run its course, or maybe you have floated the idea of bankruptcy. There’s no doubt about it, debt is overwhelming, stressful, and undesirable. Fortunately, there are certain options […]

The Many Reasons You Need to Buy Title Insurance

Chances are that you have car insurance and health insurance, but has title insurance ever crossed your mind? If you are in the process of becoming a homeowner, obtaining title insurance is one of the many important responsibilities in your home buying process. Though the chances of ever utilizing your title insurance are low, it’s […]