When you make the extremely difficult decision to end your marriage, you can’t simply part ways from your spouse and begin living separate lives. Instead, you must endure the legal processes require for your divorce to be recognized by the state of Florida. Part of this process requires you to determine whether your divorce will be contested or uncontested. Understanding the difference will help you begin your journey to the next stage of your life.

Uncontested Divorce: The Simplest Version of a Difficult Situation

An uncontested divorce is also called a “simple divorce.” Both spouses must agree to the divorce and state that the marriage is irretrievably broken. In addition, if the spouses have children, they must agree in writing to a custody arrangement that includes how time will be shared, where the children will go to school, and many other details. Spouses in an uncontested divorce even need to agree on the amount and length of alimony and child support. The division of assets and debts needs to be mutually approved, as does the handling of the marital home. Given the conflicts that surround most divorces, achieving an uncontested divorce isn’t an easy feat.

Contested Divorce: The Spouses Disagree

In a contested divorce, a judge is responsible for addressing the questions raised by divorce because the spouses cannot agree to the final outcome. The matters determined by the judge include parenting, distribution of assets and debt, alimony, child support, and anything else.

Always Use a Divorce Attorney

Whether you and your spouse have managed to navigate through an uncontested divorce with relative civility or you and your spouse are arguing over every word of every document, it is essential for you to have an experienced divorce attorney in your corner. Your divorce attorney has the knowledge and experience to advocate for your best interests and identify tricky issues like tax liabilities, credits, and money-saving opportunities.

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