divorceNo one enjoys going through a divorce. Even under the best circumstances, divorces are unpleasant events. For this reason, many divorcing couples seek ways to carry through with their divorces as quickly, inexpensively, and painlessly as possible. Although the popular image of divorce is the dramatic, stressful battle represented in television and movies, the truth is that many divorces are rather straightforward and unproblematic. If you and your spouse wish to end your marriage in the easiest way possible, a simple divorce is probably your best option. As long as you meet the requirements, this type of divorce will save you time and money, and allow you to move on with your life after marriage.

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Overview  

A simplified dissolution of marriage, or simple divorce, is a type of uncontested divorce which offers separating couples to cheapest and quickest possible option. Unlike a contested divorce, both spouses agree on all of the fundamental issues surrounding the divorce. A simple divorce also has more criteria to meet than even a regular uncontested divorce. To qualify for a simple divorce:

If all of these requirements are met, a simple divorce will likely be your best option for ending your marriage.

Is a Lawyer Needed for a Simple Divorce?

Having a lawyer is not a requirement for a simple divorce. Living up to its name, this type of divorce is relatively user friendly. However, although will not need the help of a lawyer to represent you as in the case of a contested divorce, it is still a good idea to confer with an experienced lawyer to ensure that a simple divorce is the right option for you, or if you have any questions or uncertainties.

When you decide to move forward with a simple divorce, you are waiving a lot of your rights to contest certain elements of your divorce. Some individuals choose to do so because it will save them money in the long run as opposed to fighting a lengthy divorce battle. Seeking the advice of an attorney will give you a better idea as to whether a simple divorce truly is your best possible option.

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