Many times a couple may assume that their divorce proceedings will become a long drawn out expensive procedure that they cannot afford. However, sometimes a divorce can be relatively simple in certain situations. Especially, when both spouses are agreeing to an Florida Uncontested Divorce in the state of Florida. These divorce procedures are usually simple, specifically when both parties can agree on the division of their property, the amount of alimony that should be given, child custody arrangements and the amount of child support that will provided. This said, couples who are thinking about pursuing an uncontested divorce in the state of Florida should review the rules about filing that’s listed below.

Florida Uncontested Divorce Requirements

It is important to note that uncontested divorces will only apply in specific situations. Therefore, it is important for couples to understand what these requirements are before moving forward. In the state of Florida, uncontested divorces are called a “simplified dissolution of marriage. Which means, couples who are interested in getting this type of divorce should look at the legal requirements involved in this type of divorce proceedings.

– the couple cannot have children that’s under 18 years of age (adopted or otherwise)

– wife cannot be pregnant

– 6 months of Florida residence should be established for at least one

– Both parties have made decisions and agree on the divisions of debts as along with any property involved

– alimony is not involved or pursued

– both spouses want are agreeing on pursuing a simplified dissolution of marriage.

Simplified dissolutions of marriage are normally best suited for couples that have decided to cooperate with one another. Instead of fighting and squabbling about events that have happened during the course of the marriage or the things that they do not want the other to have access to, they just want to end the marriage amicably. Especially, if they are willing to seek a solution that will expedite the process. In the normal Florida divorce proceedings, both parties are required to provide the appropriate financial information to one another. On the other hand, if the couple is agreeing to a simplified dissolution of marriage, they are allowed to waive those rights by filing a specific type of financial affidavit. Which means, the couple can save both the time and trouble of looking to secure and submit these additional documents.

Filing an Uncontested Divorce/Simplified dissolutions of Marriage in Florida

Prepare the divorce paperwork

In order to file a simplified dissolution of marriage in the state of Florida, the couple will need to prepare their Petition for Simplified Dissolution. Once this documentation is complete, it should be filed with circuit court clerk’s office (county where one or both spouses resides). The fees for filing can vary so the county court clerk will tell the spouse the amount that is due when it is filed.

Filing for an uncontested divorce in the state of Florida is not as difficult as most couples may think. Specifically, if the issues surrounding the divorce has been agreed upon and they follow the guidelines that make them eligible to apply.

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